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Baby Math

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comIt is becoming increasingly popular among parents to teach a baby math at an extremely early age – even as young as 4 months old – and it has been found that the earlier a child learns the basics of math, the better he or she performs in preschool math activities.

Extremely young children are right-brain dominant, and this allows them to think intuitively and to subitize large quantities of numbers, and all this means is that they can recognize that, say, 67 dots on a card is a different mathematical concept from 66 dots on a card.

This subitizing ability allows them to grasp the basics of learning mathematics very quickly and also while they are still very young, and introducing them to math games for children at this age will therefore allow them to cope with preschool math more easily than they otherwise would have done.

Teaching math to kids and babies will also be a fun experience for both the children and their parents as long as the lessons are presented in an entertaining way.

There are several kids maths systems that have been developed and that describe in detail how to teach your baby math, and these systems can include activities that range from computer-based learning sessions to simple math games for preschoolers.

These simple preschool math games can also take place anywhere and anytime including, for instance, at the grocery store, where it would be fun to count how many bananas and oranges mother is buying, or in the playroom, where dividing play-doh into smaller and smaller pieces suddenly becomes learning about how to work with fractions.

Teaching a toddler math skills will not, of course, guarantee that he will grow up to become the next Einstein, but it will provide him with the advantage of being comfortable around numbers from a very early age.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comRight-brain dominance, which is characterized by intuitive thinking, will turn into left-brain dominance, which is characterized by rational thinking, at about age three and a half, and he will slowly lose the almost magical affinity that he had with numbers and kindergarten math games.

Should he, however, have become comfortable working with mathematical concepts at an age when he was still relying on right-brain intuitive thinking patterns, he will continue feeling comfortable around math his whole life.

The decision of whether or not to teach your baby math must obviously be taken before he or she reaches preschool age and is introduced to common kindergarten maths. Teaching babies and young children math can be easy, and, even though it can also be quite time consuming, it is well worth the effort as it will provide a child with a firm base from which to grow his mathematical skills.

A child’s enjoying kid math games can so easily turn into his or her enjoying advanced algebra or calculus, and, before you know it, teaching your baby math may result in your son or daughter unlocking the mathematical secrets of the universe.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comHomeschool math can take the stress out of learning in very comfortable familiar surroundings. You will be able to spend some quality bonding time while at the same time building a strong appreciation of learning maths.

As you may be aware, many people have math anxieties because of extremely poor math educational experiences (avoid this nightmare – see what happened to one of our staff in our Child Genius post). By giving your child constant positive opportunities for fun and success, math can easily become his or her favorite subject.

The Genius Maker Program is cutting edge. You and your baby will experience outstanding learning at amazing rates. You might even find it hard to keep up with your baby – the learning and need becomes almost insatiable. Imagine your baby asking or perhaps demanding to learn. It is fantastic and an absolute joy to see the progress right before your very eyes.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comBaby GeniusMaker uses the latest research in right-brain teaching methods to get maximum learning at the youngest levels (suggested ages: 6 months to 8 years). Your child will learn how to read, how to do math, gain encyclopedic knowledge and photographic memory skills quite easily with almost no effort – a few moments each day is all it takes.

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Note that Genius Maker runs on Windows XP PCs only.

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