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GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comIf you have not already done so, please read the first part of this post on Child Genius.

What is the point of all of this? Why put your child through a living nightmare? If you provide instability, chaos, and negativity, then you may as well book your spot on Jerry Springer.

Those are not just actors, those people exist. I deal with them on a daily basis. I have a customer that has been in the US for many years, and is probably in her late twenties or more, yet she has never used measuring spoons or a measuring cup. How is that possible? We run into people that have been through the school system and their basic-skill level is rather appalling. It is amazing how they make it through day-to-day transactions.

This comes up daily: why do people hate math?

It is simple – they grew up in a sub-standard environment that did not place any value on learning math, or probably any other subjects for that matter. They probably grew up in the one-size-fits all mentality of so-called education. The days of only providing rote, monotonous, boring, singular teaching experiences are obsolete and do not work for a great number of kids.

In this day and age, is there really any reason why so many kids should fail basic subjects? Information is much more accessible. Now of course, you will have to do your due diligence as there is plenty of misinformation out there as well.

With all of the problems I experienced growing up, I decided the best way I could do something about the situation is to help others avoid unnecessary traps and mind fields. So, now my husband and I do research and look for great products that will help people solve tough every-day issues.

We’re creating a series of websites that provide a lot of info on the concept of whole brain teaching. We’ve come across some fabulous products that are really producing great results.

This site,, focuses on early childhood education activities that are made up of early childhood education resources which are easy to use and make learning a fun-filled exciting activity. The materials in the Genius Maker Program will help babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary-school aged children efficiently use early learning activities using modern preschool software that will let you see just how smart is your baby. This program is designed to work with kids 6 months to 8 years old.

Now, if your child is struggling with spelling, then please take a look at our Spelling Activities page for a great fun way to learn how to spell and have the success that you need without having to deal with boring, repetitive activities that probably don’t work anyway.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comThe concept of introducing preschool educational toys is not new – what is new is the best way to use these early childhood education resources to get the most learning benefits from them. When kids actively interact, they get the chance to solve problems and utilise their many emerging skills. They will get the reinforcement they need and therefore they will want more. You may experience a giant awakening or a run-away train effect – just be prepared to offer them more complex activities to keep that thrust for knowledge alive.

If your children are older in grade school and can already read, then you might want to check out our Magic Squares Worksheet site. Kids can make and solve a fun math puzzle – complete instructions are provided.

We’re working on a math games site. If children think they are playing some type of games, they become much more interested. One product that will help your children ages 4-7 is the Mind Power Series. This fun book set covers Brain Power, Math Power, and English Power, using games and puzzles to teach each lesson. There are plenty of engaging activities both in the main books and in the many free bonus books. Your child will have hours of exciting things to do in this comprehensive work set.

We also have a couple of new sites that deal with memory, learning, speed reading, concentration, study skills, and more. These sites are for older children, college level students, and business people that have to be much more productive.

What is our motivation? We see the results of a poor education, or when people are forced to grow up in an environment that does not facilitate education and positive learning experiences. If more people had the benefits of a strong positive early child education they might be doing really great things to solve big problems like world peace or world hunger instead of just barely make it, living a day-to-day existence full of uncertainty.

We would like to offer practical solutions that will help people of all ages, all backgrounds, and all type of learning styles. If we can help one person be successful, then he or she will tell others, and they will also find success. Then we too will have the sense of accomplishment.

Please fill out our newsletter form. When we have new sites, new products to showcase, and info on new educational methods, we will drop you a quick line.

Thanks for your support,

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PS:  We have developed a nice skill set between us. I (Rae) use my right-brain approach to figuring things out, and my husband, Mark, uses his left-brain to figure things out, although he has an extra layer to cope with as he’s also left-handed, so that could possibly add an extra wrinkle into the mix for him, but he’s figured out how to navigate and make his way through a right-handed world, so that’s good.

Together, we try to find solutions to tough problems, and although we may take slightly different pathways, typically, we somehow arrive at the same conclusion, so in that respect, our brains are synchronised and we work very well together.

Unfortunately, we come across people every single day who are massively lacking the necessary skills and clearly haven’t figured any of this out for themselves yet. For these people, it may be too late, but it’s not too late to set children off on the right track from a very early age, and we know from our own experiences that the dividends of that approach will be huge.

The programs we find and recommend are usually very reasonably priced for what you get – that’s great value for today and well into the future. If one-size truly fits all, then we wouldn’t be here. The world is diverse and we have to find ways to teach that will work for the many learning styles out there. The programs listed on our sites will give you a range of options because some of the programs may work for one of your children and not the others, you then would have to try other programs for them.

We don’t give up and neither should you. Keep trying until you find the right approach for each one of your kids. Once you crack the code like we did, so many possibilities will open up for your family. Your kids will have a purpose, they will ask you for more problem-solving activities, and they will want to delve deeper into many areas. Who knows, they may even ask for a chemistry set instead of a Play Station – well that could be wishful thinking, but once the light bulb is turned on you could see the making of a Child Genius right before your very eyes!

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