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Montessori Philosophy

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comDuring 1907, Maria Montessori, an Italian education specialist, introduced the world to the ground-breaking theories that she had developed regarding the education of young children, and the Montessori philosophy, which would forever change the way that people thought about education, was born.

In terms of the Montessori theory – or, as it is sometimes incorrectly called, the Montessorie theory – children learn best when they are allowed to work uninterruptedly with specific practical tools that have been presented to them as part of their environment.

Through engaging in repetitive, calming work with the tools in question, these children are able to reach a state of profound tranquility, which will, in turn, facilitate learning and social interaction.

The Montessori Method, furthermore, stresses that adults should not be put in charge of children in these learning situations, that they should act as guides rather than teachers and that they should never specifically instruct the children in specific tasks.

Adults should, therefore, never interact with the children themselves, and should only interact with the children’s environment when it becomes necessary to alter their behavior.

Children can receive Montessori training in a number of different areas ranging from purely education subjects like mathematics and reading to cultural subjects based on practical life experiences.

A number of different Montessori materials have been developed to be of use during training in each of the different areas, and these materials would include things like colored blocks or boxes to teach children about colors and the ten red and blue colored “spindle-rods” that are used to facilitate Montessori math lessons. Montessori equipment is easily available and can readily be purchased – both in stores and online – so as to facilitate Montessori homeschooling.

Young children can acquire a Montessori education in one of three basic ways: they can take part in a Montessori homeschool program, they can attend a Montessori kindergarten – a school specializing solely in providing Montessori services – or they can participate in one or more Montessori courses as offered by a mainstream school.

For those parents who decide to go the Montessori at home route, Montessori supplies and Montessori toys can be considered an investment in their child’s future and can also always be re-used.

Although the philosophy does make a distinction between activities designed for children aged between birth and six years and those designed for children aged between six and twelve years, it also suggests that children of the different age groups should be allowed to work together.

The various Montessori books that are available on the subject call these different age groups the first and second planes of development and point out that children of different age groups should be encouraged to work together as younger children often learn from older ones.

When all is said and done, the basic idea behind the Montessori philosophy advocates a child’s taking charge of his own environment and molding it in ways that would result in his learning more about the world around him.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comWe like the idea of children becoming invested in their learning. We like the idea of educators helping children to see the rewards and benefits of learning. We also like to see a positive non-threatening learning environment – this is always necessary to facilitate any real learning.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comThe Montessori activities will achieve those qualities and that is wonderful; however, we strongly believe in providing children with structure. They need a way to understand boundaries and responsibility, structure provides for this.

Children without structure will fight you on many things just for the heck of it. You are the adult and you are in charge – it has to be that way. You are not out to create a best friend in your child, your main goal is to provide them with love and affection, and the best quality educational experiences available.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comThere is no reason why a child cannot succeed if you provide a positive environment, stability, consistency, and use proven teaching techniques that can and will accelerate your child’s learning in the core subjects like baby math, how to teach a child to read, photographic memory skills, etc.

All of this and a lot more can be achieved by using the Genius Maker Program. This program was conceived from the right-brain teaching methods by pioneers such as Dr. Shichida, et al.

If you like the idea of bringing out the genius in your child, then you will have a much better chance at achieving that with the Genius Maker, rather than solely relying on the Montessori Daycare system.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comWhat we’re suggesting here is to take the best characteristics of Montessori preschools and the Genius Maker Program to make your homeschooling preschool a flagship for maximum learning.

Is it worth $35 USD to make your baby a genius? You can easily do that for kids 6 months to 8 years, the program works for so-called normal children as well as for children with brain deficiencies, learning issues such as LH, Dyslexia, ADD, etc.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comNo longer will you have to worry about your child succeeding in school. You can take your child’s learning to another level – just by spending a few moments each day using this fun and motivational program.

Don’t settle for less and don’t let the low cost fool you. Get started today with an immediate download of the entire Genius Maker Package, including easy-to-use interactive core subjects using your computer system where you can change the font size and other parameters for individualized learning for each of your children.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comOrdering is on secured servers, it is lightning fast with NO shipping charges, and if for any reason you and your children are not satisfied then by all means get your money back within the 60 period.

This is a miniscule investment when you consider the implications. Your child can learn and move leaps and bounds over what you or I could ever do growing up (see more on the notion of creating a Child Genius).

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