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How To Teach A Child To Read

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comSeveral theories have been put forward regarding how to teach a child to read, but, before choosing a particular method of how to teach to read, parents should decide two things: whether they actually want to teach baby to read before he goes to school and, if they do, how old should their baby be before they start teaching him.

There are several arguments for and against teaching children to read before they go to school. Those arguments that are in favor of teaching babies to read state that babies are quite capable of learning to recognize whole words even before they are a year old.

These arguments also state that teaching reading skills to young children before they go to school can only benefit them as studies have shown that learning reading at a young age results in increased levels of intelligence in later life.

Those that argue against enrolling extremely young children in reading programs for kids say that a child will develop the cognitive skills necessary to learn how to read only when they turn 6 or 7.

This argument does not, however, explain how those children who are actually taught how to read at an early age seem to be able to do so extremely competently.

As the arguments for teaching young children reading skills appear to outweigh those against, the next questions that parents should ask are “when do I teach my child to read” and “how do I teach my child to read”.

In respect of when to start to teach your baby to read, it has been suggested that a child is ready to learn how to read as soon as he has shown himself ready to learn how to speak.

On the other hand, when deciding exactly how to teach a baby reading skills, parents must keep in mind that, above all, reading lessons must be fun for the child.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comResearch has shown that merely reading to kids – although entertaining for both parents and children – will not actually teach the children how to read.

One method that has been found to obtain results, however, is teaching by flashcard, and here a flashcard is a card that displays both an image and the word that represents that image. These cards are literally flashed at a child for seconds at a time, and the child learns that the word represents the image.

Another method of teaching a toddler reading skills – known as the multisensory method – involves engaging all of the child’s senses to illustrate the meaning of a particular word, and this method achieves results because young children learn intuitively by experiencing rather than rationally by memorizing.

Some babies may require particular attention due to a disability. It is not uncommon for parents and educators to take courses in a variety of special education masters programs. This helps them prepare for any obstacles that may occur.

There are more ways of how to teach a child to read than have been listed above, and even more are being developed every day as finding out your baby can read at the tender age of 2 or 3 will only stimulate parents to share their personalized teaching methods with their communities.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comWe found an excellent right-brain teaching course based on the Shichida Method.

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