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Homeschooling Preschool

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comThere are several reasons why homeschooling preschool children makes sense, and possibly the most important of all of these reasons is that homeschooling will give these children a head-start on their education in a safe environment where their parents can supervise their curriculum.

Once parents have decided that they do indeed have the time and the resources required to school their young children at home, the next step would be learning how to homeschool a preschooler.

Homeschooling toddlers is obviously not the same as homeschooling children of elementary school age, and parents would have to develop their own special toddler-based curriculum and not just rely on finding out what the elementary schools are teaching.

There is, fortunately, a lot of information available – both on the Internet and from other sources – concerning what homeschooling lessons and homeschooling activities would suit preschoolers. The information that parents can get their hands on is, in fact, extremely detailed, and different curriculums are available for two year olds, three year olds and four-to-six year olds.

Generally, the curriculums that have been specifically designed for homeschooling preschoolers include lessons in subjects such as social studies, reading, writing, math and science, but homeschooling ideas can involve almost any activity as long as it is fun for the child and it teaches them either certain information or a specific skill.

The materials required for homeschooling kindergarten children are available in almost any format, and parents can choose between, for instance, buying actual physical workbooks or buying and downloading virtual worksheets from the Internet.

Some of the physical workbooks are also reusable in that they are made of a special material that can be wiped clean so that the pages can be written on time and time again.

If it is to be effective, homeschooling for preschoolers must also be fun – definitely fun for the child and, if possible, fun for the parents as well – and homeschooling science activities and homeschool math projects therefore have to be packaged so that they are interesting and engaging for all concerned.

In most curriculums that have been designed for homeschooling pre k children, subjects like math and science are disguised as something else, and, for instance, helping mommy hand out cookies can become an exercise in division while baking the cookies can teach a little one all about basic science and hygiene.

It is also important to design a homeschooling schedule that takes into account the fact that, although young children have a great capacity for learning, they also have an extremely short attention span.

Individual lessons should therefore be fairly short and should take place at regular intervals throughout the day as, this way, parents will get the most out of a curriculum that has been specifically designed for homeschooling for preschool children.

If parents find that homeschooling preschool children works for them, then, once their child turns six or seven, they should be ready to take the next step, which would, of course, be elementary homeschooling.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comMore and more people are looking into homeschooling and it is no wonder why.

There are so many problems with traditional public schools and, to a lesser degree, private schools, where you can spend a small fortune.

If you are thinking about setting up a homeschool for toddlers on up through homeschooling teens, we think it is terrific and congrats would be in order.

Now, of course there will be many things to deal with and one of the largest things to work out would be the homeschooling schedules. This will require structure and focus, but once you set everything up, it will become routine.

GeniusMaker from TeachMyBaby.comAfter you get organized, we hope that you will seriously consider the Genius Maker for all young children in the household. The recommended age for this program is 6 months to 8 years. This will give your children a great foundation in the core subjects as baby math, how to teach a child to read, and memory/recall activities.

It takes just a few minutes each day to accelerate your child’s learning. Think about it, your baby will learn to read before most kids even start speaking – that’s fantastic! This is possible with the use of proven right-brain methods used in the Genius Maker Program.

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